Life cuts the deepest.

I’m a fighter, I know how to take hard shots and take pain. I’ve spent years conditioning myself to it and mentally making my mind steel. What happens when something comes out of no where and attacks your heart. No warning, no training camp to prepare for it and not one coach to help you through it.
Tonight I’m writing this piece as I watch my beautiful dog Leila fight against cancer.

I met Moo( her nick name) a little over a year ago and my best friend Veronica allowed me to kinda adopt her over that time. Veronica took a while to trust me with her, as I am from Limerick!
She was a ball of energy and pure happiness. She had the cutest gremlin ears that always perked up when she heard the words “do you wanna go for a walk?
She chased rabbits and me as we hill sprinted together. She kept her brother Oscar out of trouble as he always started fights with cows, no idea where he got the aggressive streak from?

She helped me to understand again what pure love was as we would sit on a rock on the beach on my day off. She helped me recover my body and mind. She never wanted anything in return except a ball thrown or a digestive biscuit with a little tea. All were gladly given and received with a wag of the tail.

Over the last year I’ve learnt so very much about what exactly is important and as much as I desire a World Title belt. I can’t help but feel I’d give it up to have Leila better. No money can fix her or fill the void when she’s gone.

Tonight we took her to the beach that we spent so many happy times on and we watched her take a walk on it. Knowing it was the last time well the blow to my heart was harder than any shot in a fight. As the sun went down we held her tight and tried to give her a moment of Happiness with us.

I looked to the stars and picked the brightest one and attached my love for her to it. That every time I look up and find the brightest one, that it’s my moo taking care of myself and Veronica. Tomorrow life will cut its deepest but I promise Leila it will never take away my love for you. Shine bright because I’ll always look for you.