My Radio Interview With Cork FM Part 2

In which I discuss my dishonourable discharge from the Space Marine Academy!

We talk about modelling the training and tactics of elite fighters.
How when you fight you face yourself.
Having the first Ladies MMA match in Germany with Vanessa Reinsch and my wrestling coach Tim Murphy scoffing Gummi Bears. Also what goes through a fighter’s mind backstage before the fight and what the Alpha Female nickname means to me.


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My Cork FM Radio Interview Part 1

In which I discuss my early years as Batman's Sidekick!

Stephen Purcell from Cork FM did a radio interview with me just before Christmas. Apparently I talked so much they decided to turn into a documentary. 🙂

Here’s part one where we discuss how I got into MMA, being the only girl in the class, running  the very first MMA shows in Ireland, kids in the cage, and bullying. Also training with the awesome Rosi Sexton and preparing for fights.