Undisputed, what a beautiful word and it’s what I want over the next year to be announced in the Cage.
What a crazy year I’ve had and when we got the news that my future with Cage Warriors and the dream of becoming their 105 champion was gone, it was sad. I wasn’t super upset for myself but mainly for the people who worked on CW. Those very cool people, especially Ian Dean and Graham had been always kind and fair to me. They gave me the platform to unleash my brand and to transform into the Alpha of my division.
Cage Warriors was the most professional show I’d ever worked on and the excitement and build up before I hit the bright lights in the Helix was the closest feeling to going to see Disneyland for the first time when I was a teenager. Damn I truly loved that feeling and hearing the crown get behind me. I’ll miss that!

I felt that finally all the work on the mats in my gym and all the traveling all over the World to fight was paying off. The crazy mentors and fighters I met over the years to sharpen my skills was worth it. The mad moments like racing to a train station in Italy and the taxi man outracing an ambulance to get me there on time. Me in the back half starving and thinking this is like being in a car chase and this taxi dude has no English!!! Such good times and I’d do anything to get a fight back then. I was always chasing the Dream of becoming the best in the World.
I thought with CW the belt would soon follow. Ian would call and say, yes, New Years Eve we crown you the first Atomweight Champion.
The call never came instead I got Christmas Dinner, and it wasn’t exactly the belt I wanted, it was a bigger one around my food belly. 😊 Still it was very nice to have Christmas.

Then soon after we found out my moment with Cage Warriors was done and we would need to find another path. I want something to be very clear and that is I owe CW forever. They believed in me and my Fight CV is very impressive now because of the opportunities Graham and Ian gave me.
It may seem cocky of me now ok I never won the belt with them but I destroyed every Atom in front of me and in an always impressive way. I believe I was The Undisputed Cage Warriors Atomweight.
Now people ask me especially in interviews if I am feeling cage rust because I’m out nearly a year and did I get depressed. Huh?
I first can’t afford to get depressed as I’ve to pay rent on my full time gym every month and c’mon I was out for nearly 3 years with my neck fusion and hip surgeries. I came back and fought in Norwich and didn’t feel anytime was missed. Mentally over the years I’ve learnt patience and also how to chase every chance you get. I’m a fighter and I keep myself to that routine in diet, training and attitude. I’m always ready to go when I get the call. Oh and guess what Shannon Knapp has just made the call. Invicta FC it’s time for the Alpha Female to shine.

2015/05/img_8122.jpg quick note on that belt I robbed from Jim Alers because I’m from Ireland and that’s what we do 😝