SuperFoods for Peak Performance and Fat Burning 2

Dressed To Kill

This one I’ve found to be a sanity saver.

Especially at night time when you can get the very worst cravings. I find when I’m teaching at night or out somewhere sticking to my diet is pretty easy. Because my mind is occupied and not thinking about food.

But if you’re sitting around the house you’re in trouble!

So here’s my next SuperFood, Mixed Nuts (ta-dah) 🙂

Mixed Nuts are great for satiating (I think thats a real word) your hunger and having something good to snack on between meals as well. They really do taste nice as well. After a while you get addicted to them.

They’re good for losing weight because they have a lot of fiber and healthy fats so they boost your fat burning metabolism.

When I was cutting to 48 kgs for the fight in Berlin I must have gone through so many bags. I remember getting up at 2 am to make the flight and arriving in Berlin in the afternoon totally empty and being greeted by all these incredible bakery shops in the station.

I used to be a fresh food consultant for big supermarkets so I know my apple turnovers. German bakers know their stuff! That was just torture going past all that on my weigh to weight ins.

I did stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home on sunday but I only bought a 4 pack as I didn’t want to look like a pig in front of Tim, my wrestling coach. 😦

If any one ever brings a Dunkin Donuts franchise to Ireland I’m there! 🙂

Just to clarify Dunkin Donuts are NOT a SuperFood.

So mixed nuts are a very valuable addition to your diet. Remember it’s not about denying yourself, but about adding the right ingredients to your peak performing, fat burning, smoking hot body!

Watch out for my next post where I’ll show you a video workout called

 Wheels of Steel Leg Workout .

Best Catherine

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Superfoods for Peak Workout Performance and Fat Burning 1

What are Superfoods?

Well they are special secret foods that give you superhuman strength, awesome abs, a beautiful body and the ability to find a parking space at will.

Ok, not really 🙂

They are foods which simply provide your body with the best range of nutrients for maximum performance.

So here’s the first food you should eat more of.

Flax seeds. I recommend this for all my fighters especially when they are cutting weight. I have them in powdered form in my porridge in the morning and my yoghurt in the afternoon. I was surprised to find they taste really nice and I prefer them in my meals now.

They area great source, of omega 3, fibre (very important when you’re on a strict cutting diet for fighting), iron and protein. Not to mention lignans which are high in anti oxidants.

I gave one of my fighters a diet sheet for just before christmas and he’s come down from 103 kgs to 96kg.  He’ll be under 90Kg on fight day in march easily. He’s probably eating the same amount of food he was before but it’s the right stuff. The flax seeds are an integral part of this.

It’s not about eating less food and denying yourself but about eating enough of the right foods. I probably eat more food now than ever before because my body is like a furnace burning energy. But I’m walking around at 52 kgs more ripped than ever before as well.

Adding in flax seeds is a cheap easy way to start some postive change in your diet straight away. There’s a lot more benefits to them but you have google for that 🙂

I used to eat a lot less smart. I remember Dermot coming in one day and stopping in shock. “Catherine, do you know you have an apple in your hand?”

Almost as funny as when I couldn’t find the iron. “Do you remember where you left it last year?”

The apple made a nice dent in his head, shame the iron missed…

Working The Heavy Bag

New Year New Legs Workout

I managed to finish my fight in Berlin in only two minutes. My opponent Vanessa was excellent and I spoke to her afterwards and she’s one of the nicest, coolest women I’ve met. But that’s the fight game. Sometimes you get caught quick. It happens to the best of us.

I’d trained to set a hard pace and push the action for 15 minutes though so when it was over and I got home I didn’t feel too banged up.
I wanted to take a break from long trips to a freezing gym in the snow so I eased up on my mixed martial arts and focused on my strength training and did some good runs and hill sprints in the forest.

And I ate, and ate some more, and some more …
It was Christmas after all .

I made 48 kgs for Berlin. That’s my lowest weight ever. A lot of dieting and going to bed hungry on that one.
Chocalate and coke only on trips to cinema. I suddenly had to see a lot of movies. ( I loved Angelina Jolie in The Tourist. My favourite bit is where she comes out dressed in the most amazing outfit for dinner and all a totally stunned Jonny Depp can say is F—!)

As a result of all this eating (mmm bread at night!) and strength training my legs put on a lot of size. I wanted more powerful legs  anyway but this was ridiculous!

I actually started getting a bit sick from eating too much bad food as well. When you’ve eaten really clean for so long ( I think I did about 6 weeks) the junk food can taste weird and unsatisfying. I think we build up a tolerance to it like you build up a tolerance to toxins and poisons. I also broke three knives trying to divide vienetta ice cream and now have to shop for new cutlery!

I’m back eating clean now and feel much better and my calves will go into my jeans without a fight again

So here’s an idea of what I do for super strong, very shapely and not at all massive legs.

I go on nice a 12 minute run in the forest wearing a very stylish Reebok weighted jacket. The weighted jacket makes it more challenging, especially on the sprints.

It’s 12 minutes because that’s how long the path is!

Then we  get to the hill and begin the real fun.

5 minutes of sprinting up and jogging down. Trying to get up and down 8 times in the time.
Then we rest for a minute and do it again.

Some day that’s enough. As a change sometimes we’ll sprint up and walk down so we can really go all out on the sprints.

You get the whole workout done in 25 minutes, get some fresh air and nice scenery and don’t have to run on tarmac so no shin splints!

It’s a great workout as you get cardio and the sprints really burn fat  and release growth hormone and loads of other cool stuff. And it gives you awesome legs.

In future blogs I’ll go though more workouts and eating tips including superfoods.

Once again it’s the intensity of the work that brings results!


New Year New Legs!

Welcome to the Alpha Female Blog!

Welcome to The Alpha Female Blog.

What is an Alpha Female?

In my mind it’s a go getter, a confident, strong person who lives life to the fullest and maximises their human potential.

You only live once so theres no time for “I wish I had or not I’m ready for that yet..”

An Alpha Female seizes the day.

My blog is going to be primarily about fitness. But the mental and emotional journey you go in in sculpting and taking control of your body is going to cross over into every aspect of your life.

And that will change everything…

Welcome To My Alpha Female Blog