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Rosi and me

We had Rosi over for another awesome seminar on the 2nd. Rosi covered striking to takedowns and ground and pound against the cage wall. It was really good info with great technique demonstrated by the no 1 125er. All our students were inspired and motivated by the day.Thanks to Tim for giving his support and being her crash test dummy for the day (giving me a break!).I spent the sunday training and sparring with her. I love training with Rosi because she gives me everything and holds nothing back. Such a world class fighter to work with always raises my game. Showed me some really sweet new ninja tactics. I knew on Sunday morning it was going to be a good training session as she bust my lip open with the foam swords. It was game on then! Note to self, do not offer her chocalate fudge biscuits night before training as she has an interesting way of burning off the calories. 🙂

I lost a kilo over the weekend despite all the food and ice cream we had after we finished on sunday. It’s the Rosi S Plan. Squashes the fat right out of you.

And it’s always nice to see a woman in charge. Gaurantees things will get done ;0)

Battered but happy 🙂

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