That’s a beautiful word and it brings a promise of a moment in my career that is going to be unforgettable.

BAMMA 22 Dublin sept 19th at the 3arena. Myself and three other lady’s have been given the opportunity to launch the female MMA division, now that’s something that has fuelled me up again.

It’s a chance to start over again, I went to Invicta Fc. I lost badly, people said it’s great you got on the show. For me that’s total crap as I feel I achieved nothing, except leaving my fans, my coach and Invicta down. Every fighter or athele will tell you and it’s true you don’t show up to make the numbers, you want to win. Even if I didn’t win but gave a Fifteen minute war and lost then I’d be sort of ok with it. (Probably not 😝)

I feel that I’m starting all over again, that I lost my undefeated streak and as Joseph Duffy told me a month ago, that when he lost the pressure was off. He said it made him enjoy fighting and training again. He saw more things around him that made his life special.

He’s a wonderful and very humble fighter, can’t wait to see him fighting soon in Dublin for the UFC.

I’ve found over the last few weeks I’ve felt and seen what he was talking about. I’m enjoying training more, seeing the support from family and friends over the last month has been heart infusing.


The minute I left the cage of Invicta I was thinking the only way I can fix this for myself and the incredible supporters all over the world, especially my Irish fans is get back and BAMMA 22 is the arena for my return. Make no mistake this is not an easy fight to give me a win. I’d never ever want that because I’m just fooling myself.

Simona has been on my radar for years and we were supposed to fight many years ago on my second pro fight but I had to have hip surgery. Over the years we crossed paths but never got the fight done, I’ve always wanted to fight her and believe her to be one of the best in the 105 division. This means that on BAMMA for me it is going to be a fight that will match the hype. I’m working harder than I ever did and I’m pretty sure she is.

As many have said you learn from a loss, well no fighter ever wants to lose but actually now I get to see if I can comeback and capture the right to call myself again The Alpha Female. Hey if Rocky can do it then I’ve got a underdogs shot! My days spent with my Dad watching those wonderful movies. Good memories that will keep me strong.

One last thing Invicta was a risk in every way, especially financially and it didn’t work out. I lost money and they do pay well just the cost of getting a license to fight in Nevada basically left me very little, when I came back that helped pay the rent. Again I never was in the fight game for money but it would be nice at some point to afford a holiday. Haven’t had one in six years because I wanted to give everything to my career. Alpha Force if you could donate, buy a t-shirt, a signed pic or even better come watch me fight on BAMMA 22. You can get the tickets off me through http://www.catherinecostigan.com
Thank you again to all that helped me out and continue to support me.
Forever grateful.