My Article in the Irish Independent Newspaper.

Today the Irish Independent Weekender Magazine featured me and Amanda English in a big article on Women’s MMA in Ireland.

How to kick ass and look great. Love it!

This was a great opportunity for me to put across the positive face of MMA. When first I was pitched the idea I was a little bit hesitant as I didn’t want negative press with a biased slant to the article.

But after talking to Ali, the reporter, I thought she seemed very open minded and passionate about her work. This is what I always look for in people.

I had one condition, that if she wanted the story she had to come into the cage and experience it. She jumped at this with some caution. I showed her everything that was involved and the outcomes of a fight. I enjoyed educating her on it and improving her ground and pound :).

So then a difficult decison came.

To heel or not to heel. That was the question.

They wanted to show the other side of the Alpha Female. The glamorous lady like side juxtaposed with the hard edged cage fighter.

I really was uncomfortable with this but did want to show people that I wasn’t some violent barbarian. I couldn’t turn down this kind of publicity or the opportunity of drawing more women into MMA. Showing them that intelligent women compete in this combative art.

So off to the shops I went. Got a nice little black number, a very edgy pair of  Iron Fist heels. They fulfilled another dream in my life, to be tall.

Iron Fist. The perfect name for my shoes!

The photographer that came from Press 22 was Alan Place. He remembered me from taking my picture when I opened my very first kickboxing class all those years ago! This was surely a good omen.

We did the most amazing shoot. Taking lots of edgy, cool pics in crazy poses. Some of them not so easy in heels and a dress.

As much as it would attract an audience I don’t think heels and dress matches will be practical.

In between rounds you go have your make up and hair adjusted, and Tyra Banks tells you she needs more fierceness in your eyes.  Miss Jay will be holding your spit bucket.

Over 4 hours we took lots of great shots that I hope you will see at a later date.

About to knock his lights out 🙂

After we were done I was happy that I had shown a different side of WMMA. Some people may not agree with what I did but I remember what Ronda Rousey said recently. Even after winning an olympic medal she was living in her car. So she decided she was going to take some pictures, talk a bunch of s**t. But you know what, at least she could feed her dog.

Love or hate Ronda, look where she is now. To be fair, she is a great fighter who backed it up.

And that’s what I hope to do.