My match from Cage Warriors 65

My full fight in high definition. Thank you Cage Warriors


Clarity after the moment


It’s a few weeks now since I fought at Cage Warriors and I am trying to come back to being a normal person. It’s hard as I’m still getting flashes of the fight and also my face is a reminder of what I gave that night to achieve the victory.

I’m happy with certain parts of the fight but still feel disappointed as I know I can and must be better if I’m to prove to Cage Warriors that I deserve that shot at the title. I only ever want Graham to give me the chance if I prove I’m worthy to him and the crowd that witness my actions on the night.

People asked me why I didn’t give up in round two and its simple, my desire is too strong within me. It was only pain, and that I mastered years ago going through the neck fusion and coming back from it.

I did discover in the fight that no one can break me, only I can do that. If I don’t believe mentally, then it’s over.

Ok what’s the next step, oh yeah, eat again and take my winnings and put them back into training, no big clothes shop for me, I’m off to Amsterdam to learn and achieve another level in technique and heart

One of the best fighters of all time is willing to train me for two hours, Lucia Rikjer a genius of the boxing ring and highly respected life coach. I’m returning to R- Grip gym to train again with my true friend and a class fighter Marloes Coonen.

Here I go bags packed and another dream to be fulfilled. What is life for but to chase your dreams to the very end. I enjoy the chase more than the end result.