Top Tips For Taking A Beating From Rosi Sexton!

Cheap Flights!

Cheap Flights!

What have I learned

1. Get her Red Bull(must be sugar free) when picking her up at the airport
2. Slow movement early in morning, don’t be too excited!! No need to burn energy now.. You’ll need it later to save your life
3. Get coffee ,this I’ve found is the main reason your coach won’t murder you in the cage … Don’t bring a healthy smoothie… Death Warrant
4. Remember when tapped out for the thousand time you paid for this, that will make you feel good knowing you have a crazy side…
5. Have more Red bull ready for your coach as you are lying lifeless in cage after running into her hip bone on the shoot. She’s working very hard and needs it!! Lol
6. As the rounds go past and your body is becoming a human ramming device … Enjoy conducting the experiment to see how much the human body can take. Rosi usually doesn’t give in till answer is reached
7. You can put her in armbars, she doesn’t mind as she doesn’t tap from them!
8. Is it time to put her on the fu#king plane yet!!!
9. She’s handy in helping you find the button for how to open window in a new Mini First. As I panic ,again the true Champion’s experience rings true..
10. As I drive away from the toll with no seatbelt on she kindly reaches over buckles me up, letting me know she’s not yet finished with my life…
Damn! Many more years of learning to go ))

But still I’ll go on the net and book the flights. Because she’s Rosi Damn Sexton and I’m happy to be her student 😉
Safe word is Sheila Gaff! Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong ??