Respect is earned, never given.

Rosi waiting to walk out.


I travelled to London to watch my coach and friend Rosi Sexton take on Roxanne Modaferri in the main event at Cage Warriors. Awesome fight with two of the top pound for pound female fighters on  the planet. Neither gave up  and put on a great main event.

I’d like to talk about my friend Rosi and the respect I have for her.

What all female fighters try to achieve is to get to the top of the mountain.

It’s not ego, it’s all the hard work paying off. It’s the respect of your fellow warriors.

I watched her waiting in the dark, ready to walk out for her match. Her face showed eagerness, but also a confidence born from within. I couldn’t see any nervousness. Rosi Sexton was definitely put on this world to fight.

From the sidelines looking down at her I was nervous. Because I know how hard she trains and how much she gives up in life to be a champion. And nothing else but a win would satisfy her.

As I watched her I remembered the first meeting I had with this lady. I was very nervous the first day I walked in. As nervous as going to fight in the cage. I had watched her for years go through hell and in every fight she was always composed, stone faced and unrelenting in pursuing victory.

She rolled with me to start with, all I kept thinking was don’t do stupid things. Show good movement but don’t go all out. She had no ego and was ready to show me everything. In the first roll she didn’t shut me down or tap me out, she gave me confidence straight away that I belonged ( she could have crushed me and tapped me out). After we rolled Rosi smiled and said, “I like that!” (That made my day)

At that time Rosi was training for her Bellator fight against Zoila Frausto, unfortunately she suffered a loss.

Rosi came back from the loss to Zoila  and changed her training camp, she didn’t let her ego get in the way and make up silly excuses as to why she lost. She looked at her game very closely and made the adjustments in her training to get her back to the summit of the mountain.

What she did next was challenge the two girls in front of her and defeated each and gained respect by taking the hard matchups. I have no doubt that Rosi will be no1 again very soon. I’ve watched how she’s trained and am inspired to earn my own respect within the fight world. Rosi is the perfect study of a model to emulate.

One thing Rosi has always said is that she’ll never give up in a fight. I think she has no understanding of quitting. In the Sally Krumdiack fight she was caught in an armbar and said to me later in the bar that Sally could take her arm home with her, but she wasn’t tapping. And the conviction that she delivered that statement with I truly believed as It was accompanied by a fist thump that almost broke the table and made us all jump!

At the end of the Roxy fight Rosi’s hand was raised in victory. The happiest I always see Rosi is after she comes out of the cage and gives me a big sweaty strong hug.

Rosi has my respect and I have no doubt of many, many more people in the world.

We’ll have her over for a seminar in my gym in Limerick on the 2nd of april and if anyone want’s to try to take her arm home instead of a picture she’ll be more than happy to let you try! Postage and Packing will be charged 🙂