The Alpha Female Looks For Supremacy Part 1

What you dream about when you diet for too long!

Apologies for not having written a blog in so long. Between my hip surgery and moving the gym and a number of other things it’s been hard to find the time to sit down and do it.

So my Alpha Female Followers, here we go.

I was invited to fight on July 2nd at the ECFF Supremacy Show in Norwich. My opponent was the very tough Iman Darabi from Sweden.

My hip surgery for the tendon tear was booked in for July 18th and I was determined to get one last match in first!

This would be my second time fighting in the UK. My First was a K1 match with Becky Usher in Sheffield last year. That one started very well for me but stopped due to a cut after 40 seconds when we clashed heads in the clinch.

A lot of travelling, dieting, the worst B and B ever and the promoter being late picking us up ย so we missed the flight home and having the flu made it an experience I wasn’t keen to repeat.

I watched Iman on YouTube and saw she was big for the weight, very strong and short. Heavy punches and aggressive. I saw some technical points I might be able to exploit and worked on my game plan diligently with my coaches.

What followed was the toughest training camp I’ve had so far. The one way ticket to hell. The return flight to be decided by the result of the fight.

Squaring off with Tim Murphy. Time to tame the Mad Dog.

Lot’s of Tim Murphy double legging me, squishing me into the Point Blank Cage, (possibly the hardest fencing in the world) and saying come on, push the pace while landing migraine inducing punches on my forehead from whatever funky position he liked this week.

Lot’s of pads, technique and conditioning with Dermot, doing his best impression of Rene from Allo, Allo. (You stupid woman..) and being my human punch bag and grappling dummy. I’m the only person he puts on his Twins Headguard for , so I know I’m getting somewhere with my power shots ๐Ÿ™‚

Rosi Sexton came over to train with me showing me some great conditioning drills and chain wrestling drills that became one of my keys to victory during the match.

With Peter Irving at Urban Kings in London.

I flew to London to train with Peter Irving from Fighter’s Only.He analysed the match up too and showed me some great techniques to use and did some awesome thai pads with me. He’s a Samurai and that’s it.

I would just like to say I went the whole way to London and did not have one Ben’s cookie. (Alpha Female Tip: Make sure you go Covent Garden and get the best cookies in the world.)

Joanne, my buddy and sparring partner coming in and battling me in the cage night after night.ย Longest lasting of all the women who have come through the gym doors. She’s a true friend and trusted member of our coaching team. with perfect straightened hair at all times. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No matter what a girl’s image is important.

I look forward to her getting her Black belt this year.

Little did I know I was about to get a chest infection which put me out of training for a week. When I went to see my doctor I asked her how long should I rest and that I’d already taken a whole day off training.
Her face was a picture as she told me at least two weeks to get rid of it.
So I kind of followed her advice and wheezed my way through the next two weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

This was my best weight cut ever, thanks to the grappler’s s nutrition guide which I must have read cover to cover so many times. I was really able to maintain my strength and not feel week and drained. I felt really healthy and it’s definitely the best diet ever for your skin looking great. ๐Ÿ™‚

But as it was getting closer to fight day it was getting harder and harder and eventually I was dreaming of Mars Bars. No matter what I did I was stuck at 51kgs which was beginning to make me WORRY!
My routine every day was stepping on the scales before each meal to have an idea of how much I could eat now.
After a whole week without dropping anything on the scales, Dermot, the man I can always rely on to get results, looked at everything and talked to his friend, ย Roy and came back with the BEST ADVICE EVER, HAVE A CHEAT DAY!!

It so worked, I had an awesome cheat day and was lighter the next day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

And was much happier and easier to live with. I guess my metabolism had just slowed down too much.

So the last training day I was at 49 kgs and was spitting nails!

Hungry but Shredded ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the most important things I’ve learned is this…

In a fight you don’t just face your opponent, you face yourself.

War approaches.

Everything I could possibly do to ensure victory was done. Nothing left but waiting.

Time to become The Alpha Female…

To be continued

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Through The Wire

Like it says. Through The Wire!

Some cool pics of my last fight are featured on the Through The Wire website. I like the image of mma they are putting out.

“Through the wire aim to bring a new different aesthetic to British martial arts, one similar to that of the Asian martial arts promotions like Pride and Dream. We want to focus on the โ€˜Artsโ€™ part of MMA. Fighting is often a beautiful thing and this is what we want to exploit. We aim to show the world that there is more to MMA than its stereotype.”

Well said. I want the public to understand what a beautiful, technical martial art MMA is at the highest level.

Make sure you check out their site.