To be the greatest of all time. 

A few weeks back we lost Muhammed Ali. The greatest boxer of all time but was it for his actions in the ring or out of it that we pen him with this Title. 

The more I age in my career I’ve got to think it was outside really. Listening to all the media stories on him, I’ve come to see his boxing in the ring did nothing to give him that tag just it was the way he believed in himself. How that spread confidence to others, normal people who didn’t think they could change or impact on life, seeing him made a future of stronger human beings. That’s a powerful gift he gave us all. 

Two weeks ago even myself he managed to affect. I saw a programme on his life story and I had never known he was out for five years in his career where he couldn’t achieve his dream but yet he still held that dream tightly in his heart. Five years on he came back and got his World Title. 

I thought I’m out nearly another year due to the surgery but I don’t feel sorry for myself, just understanding again that if I hold my dream and focus than I can be greatest but to myself. I need to know and accept that it’s only for myself now that I return again to the octagon then again is it? 

Now I will be truthful and say I’m selfish to the fact that this year I won’t give as much time as last year to media, as it did pull me from the mats. When first you become a fighter  no one knows who you are, you don’t care what people think you just train to prove to yourself you’re the best on that night in that moment. No pressure to go out to be perfect to get the win every time and you don’t think about the outcome. You just do it. 

Now the thing with media as Ali knew it has the power to reach people half way across the World to affect a path in life. I truly believe he did it for that reason because he knew people need hope. 

I need it every day to get up start again. I take it these days really from myself. I look in the mirror and see a winner more now than two years ago when I was the undefeated alpha female.  

In one year I’ve gone through a break up of a seventeen year relationship, losing in my career and another painful injury that led to surgery. Yet here I am still chosing to hope and see myself back. Hearing chants from a crowd  making them watch my return giving them hope to stand up and become better in life no matter what happens. Sorry Alphaforce I think I just went off into a rocky moment 😉

Back to media, as I said it reaches people you may never meet. Last week I did an interview for a small Limerick start up community radio station, in my home town. I guess looking at it I could have said no as its  only small time, will it do anything for me? I had to take extra time to stay on to do it when I could be back home chilling and to be honest Friday the start of my day of training was a bit awful and I thought forget the whole thing. 

Then I thought of these people involved in the programme as they  are trying to achieve dreams as well to help Limerick and show what great people live in it. I went and did the show which was live in a shopping centre and at the end a young Limerick man who didn’t seem to have much but was rich in kindness with his words, he told me it was great to watch my debut last year in Las Vegas on Invicta FC representing Limerick, no matter the outcome. He didn’t make me feel bad for losing he just gave me hope. Hope that people like him are the reason I still refuse to bow out. I left with that gentlemans words deep in my heart. To say I only do this now for myself is a lie as I do it for this genuine hardworking people. 

How amazing people can be and its not what you do in the career inside a ring or octagon but it’s outside every day. Ali knew that and he was the greatest for it, rest in peace knowing you created a World of champions in life. 

A superhero in real life… 


Dr.Dave, My Santa!

My First Sponsor – And The Most Important- Dr Dave!

As a fighter in this MMA combative sport your body takes a beating and not just for those 15 minutes in the cage. It’s all the weeks leading up to it where the damage is done.

Everyday you want to give it 100%, even more so because you just don’t know what your opponent might be doing. When the cage door closes on that night there must be no doubts.

So to give an unstoppable performance a fighter needs the fuel. Every athlete wants endless energy and a sharp mind. The days in the gym when I’m training and I feel this are brilliant. No one can stop me on those days. I’m the champion at 48kgs.

The last few months I’ve been feeling this a lot. Why, because of Dr.Dave’s Best.

Two months ago I searched for sponsors. I was looking for the nutritional ones as I spend so much money every month on supplements. I really mean a lot. 🙂

When Dr Dave agreed to be my sponsor I was so happy and honoured as I’m his first mixed martial artist. He understands what I want to do and where I want to be in the next few years, No 1. So no better way to get to this than with the No1 pharmaceutical supplements.

I waited for my first delivery a bit like a kid waiting for Santa. I love getting new things in the post, especially to do with martial arts. Two massive boxes filled with Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, Amino Acids, Beta Alanine, Telomere Edge Packs and protein powder arrived. I couldn’t believe how much he sent. Unbelievable kindness from this wonderful man, my Santa.

I had been using supplements from Holland and Barrett which are quite good, but once I changed over to the Dr Dave product the difference was incredible.

It felt easier to get up in the morning, waking excited for the day’s training. I love my telomere packs and fish oil at breakfast with green tea, porridge and flaxseed. This is superhero fuel.

At warp speed thanks to Dr Dave!

Then I always bring with me CoQ10, l carnitine and fish oil which I take just half an hour before training. Also I find this combination better than any preworkout drink on the market. I’m kicked into 5th gear pretty fast. After my workout I’ll have one or two scoops of Dr Dave’s protein in natural yoghurt. This is so important to make me heal and recover at an immortal’s rate.

Later at dinner more fish oils. If I have a second training session that night I’ll repeat my preworkout routine. Before at night I used to find my brain was tired after maybe teaching five classes in a row. I’d usually drink an energy drink but my workouts were sometimes still laboured by my slow mind and body. But with Dr Dave’s Best I’m ready for a second workout and I can train harder that I did that morning.

So at night then to wind down the body and mind I have  Telomere Edge Night Pack, l carnitine, CoQ10 and fish oils. I’m sleeping better too.

I’ve never suffered much from spots but Dr Dave’s best is keeping my skin fresh, clean and young. I can see it when looking in the mirror in the morning. Usually I wake up with Sonic the Hedgehog hair and the same energy and speed. People always get my age wrong thanks to the antiaging properties of Dr Dave’s supplements which I have been using for years before he sponsored me.

Oh, I’m not telling my age either, Alpha Female Followers, you’ll have to wonder. 😉

When I return to the cage Dr Dave’s Best’s logo will be proudly displayed on my fight posters. If I never get another sponsor it wouldn’t bother me, I’ve got Dr Dave and he’s simply the best. 🙂

Big Thank you to Dr Dave for believing in me. I won’t let you down.

You’re supplements are VIP grade!

My Article in the Irish Independent Newspaper.

Today the Irish Independent Weekender Magazine featured me and Amanda English in a big article on Women’s MMA in Ireland.

How to kick ass and look great. Love it!

This was a great opportunity for me to put across the positive face of MMA. When first I was pitched the idea I was a little bit hesitant as I didn’t want negative press with a biased slant to the article.

But after talking to Ali, the reporter, I thought she seemed very open minded and passionate about her work. This is what I always look for in people.

I had one condition, that if she wanted the story she had to come into the cage and experience it. She jumped at this with some caution. I showed her everything that was involved and the outcomes of a fight. I enjoyed educating her on it and improving her ground and pound :).

So then a difficult decison came.

To heel or not to heel. That was the question.

They wanted to show the other side of the Alpha Female. The glamorous lady like side juxtaposed with the hard edged cage fighter.

I really was uncomfortable with this but did want to show people that I wasn’t some violent barbarian. I couldn’t turn down this kind of publicity or the opportunity of drawing more women into MMA. Showing them that intelligent women compete in this combative art.

So off to the shops I went. Got a nice little black number, a very edgy pair of  Iron Fist heels. They fulfilled another dream in my life, to be tall.

Iron Fist. The perfect name for my shoes!

The photographer that came from Press 22 was Alan Place. He remembered me from taking my picture when I opened my very first kickboxing class all those years ago! This was surely a good omen.

We did the most amazing shoot. Taking lots of edgy, cool pics in crazy poses. Some of them not so easy in heels and a dress.

As much as it would attract an audience I don’t think heels and dress matches will be practical.

In between rounds you go have your make up and hair adjusted, and Tyra Banks tells you she needs more fierceness in your eyes.  Miss Jay will be holding your spit bucket.

Over 4 hours we took lots of great shots that I hope you will see at a later date.

About to knock his lights out 🙂

After we were done I was happy that I had shown a different side of WMMA. Some people may not agree with what I did but I remember what Ronda Rousey said recently. Even after winning an olympic medal she was living in her car. So she decided she was going to take some pictures, talk a bunch of s**t. But you know what, at least she could feed her dog.

Love or hate Ronda, look where she is now. To be fair, she is a great fighter who backed it up.

And that’s what I hope to do.

My Radio Interview With Cork FM Part 2

In which I discuss my dishonourable discharge from the Space Marine Academy!

We talk about modelling the training and tactics of elite fighters.
How when you fight you face yourself.
Having the first Ladies MMA match in Germany with Vanessa Reinsch and my wrestling coach Tim Murphy scoffing Gummi Bears. Also what goes through a fighter’s mind backstage before the fight and what the Alpha Female nickname means to me.


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Seeing yourself as a winner.

Meeting the new challenge of the Gi, compliments of my coach Tim Murphy!

I often ask my kids in class, do they enjoy winning?

Usually their hands raise up quite fast. because I’ve been programming them, been building them to enjoy winning.

A lot of people feel it’s wrong to put pressure on people to win or to rise to the highest level. But secretly they wish they had the key to doing it.

Sometimes fighters in our club lose because they won’t allow themselves to dream about being the best. Because in their day to day life and work they are programmed to be mediocre and not rock the boat. So they fit in.

This is a load of bullsh**t.

But the secret to achievement is to be programmed from a young age.

For example I’ve had a kid training with me for years. He recently fought in his first amateur MMA match. He really was a lion let out of the cage. He ran through his opponent with fury, dominance and the thought of losing never crossed his mind.

The next day he fought in another tournament against a lot of eager fighters like himself. Though he lost one match he had the iron will not to break. He ended up winning the whole section in the final.

He has a long way to go but understands how to enjoy winning and seeing himself as a winner. He always shouts yes or jumps in the air after winning because he knows how hard it’s been to do it.

People want to win but their self image and the subconscious thoughts in the brain are holding them back.

Life can be cruel and circumstances that we cannot control damage our belief in ourselves. For years when I worked in the system I would sit down at the canteen tables and listen to the mob of negativity. And not to go all Uriah Faber on you but positivity is the biggest ingredient in this.

Sometimes you need role models to show you the way in life. Be they parents or coaches or really good friends.

For me I have lots of wonderful people who are winners surrounding me. So everyday it bulletproofs me to life.

I make a point never to stick around negative people for very long. And I think this is what a lot of people should realise and start doing. Cut it away and the seams will be strong.

I do believe people should do martial arts, but not the safe ones. You must feel like you are on the edge of the cliff to really understand what you were given life for.

There is a saying that a man who has faced death at the point of a sword has an elevated understanding of life.

If you look at it MMA has gotten so popular because it pushes the boundaries and more and more people want to feel this. And believe me fighting in the cage is better than any drug. ( I’ve never taken drugs but that’s my opinion, dammit!)

The only way to build real confidence is to face hard situations and come out through them and getting into the cage , even if it only in class is a great starting point for that.

Because I believe in myself so much as a winner I’ve gone out and looked for harder challenges and starting in 2012 I’ll be on the Cage Contender roster. There I’ll have the chance to face more opponents that want and know how to win just as much as me.

All of these steps will hopefully make me reach the pinnacle of my profession.

This is a quote that I love.

“History shall be kind to me for I intend to write it! ” – Winston Churchill

I’m really enjoying writing mine.

Happy New Year to all my Alpha Female Followers. I’ve given you your starting point.

Now go do it!

Alpha Female Circuit Training and DVD Sale!

I’m getting a lot of interest in personal training these days. One of my best clients Kate was kind enough to give me this testimonial.

“I met Catherine a couple of years ago when I signed my eldest son up for mixed martial arts classes which she was teaching. I found her sessions the most exciting and interesting to watch, but it was her extraordinary teaching style and a very friendly personality which made the biggest impression on me, so after having two more kids, I’ve decided to try out training with Catherine and I am proud to admit that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my fitness, health and body tone.

I don’t have any extra weight and my goal is to build lean muscle, tone up and lose that post pregnancy belly flab, which is the most difficult, but possible with the right exercises, encouragement and the right trainer like Catherine, who seems to know all the secrets to those “dream abs”.

Kate and me after a killer session.

Catherine has been my personal trainer for the last 6 weeks. Our sessions include a mixture of heavy weights, circuit routines, cardiovascular and general fitness training. What I love the most about our sessions is that on top of a great variety of exercises we do, Catherine manages to surprise me each time introducing new and very unique exercises, which makes our routine challenging, but both productive and enjoyable. She is also easy to get on with and has a fantastic sense of humour.

Catherine is a very positive ,extremely driven individual with great energy and right “can do” and “winning attitude. Her extensive knowledge, creativity, ability to keep you motivated and help you to push yourself to the level where you can get the results you always wanted, makes her a true professional and a highly recommended personal trainer.” -Kate Ryan

The tag line on my website is
If you want to look like a Champion…
Train like One!

It’s that championship attitude that will get you through the tough workouts and diet and fitness goals.
It’s not about time or money, you will reach your goals if you have the right mindset and put the work in you will find a way to succeed.

I’m having a sale on my fitness DVDs at my website at the moment. You will get a deal on the price and you will get your ass in christmas party dress shape with 10-15 minute home workouts.

It’s the next best thing to personals with me. Don’t wait til January to start the so called resolution.

With the special offer of buy one get one half price how can you deny yourself this early christmas present?:)

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, you’re taking the first step on the Alpha Female Highway to Sexytown (LOL).


Alpha Female Personal Training Padwork WIth Kate

Smashing Pads In The Cage!

After only 6 weeks of training with me and wearing a weighted jacket Kate’s killing the thai pads!