Re born

alphawords.jpgIt’s over eight weeks since the surgery and I got through the long days of recovery on the couch or else walking my Dog. I won’t lie, I did have my down days but I stuck with the plan of attack, just find things to keep myself busy. I tried as much as I could to eat right and try to keep lean muscle. I was after surgery 56kgs but I’m nicely down to a lean 54 kgs and still have my Alpha Female Abs. My back hurt a lot for the first month but this didn’t worry me because after the other hip and neck operations a few years back well I knew what to expect and I remember how I came back stronger after them.

No matter what everyday  I got up and walked Oscar and most days twice, I refused to just sit around doing nothing. I still had a full time gym to run and maybe I couldn’t teach but I still kept the day to day run of it going with Dermot. He was great checking on me everyday and telling me to keep the rehab up. I don’t think Dermot has ever stopped believing in me and that is why I achieve my goals.

Next thing was how to keep my fight edge and lucky me I had just the right man working with me on it. Enter Rob Dawson, Mind Consulting Limited, a sports pyscologist who really loves what he does which is basically getting me to see my worth as a fighter and person after a few tough months. He would chat with me every week and we would work together on visualising me training in either shadow boxing combinations on Flash Cards or MMA drills sent in audio. I’d sit on the bed and feed my nervous system this information. Like Dominic Cruz says, no such thing as Cage Rust and I’m making sure of that by starting the mental drills after the surgery.

Soon enough, after a few weeks I went to my own Physio Peter Walsh in Nenagh and he gave me some Cognitive Functional Therapy exercises.  Again maybe I didn’t need to start this physio 4 weeks after surgery but Peter said you aren’t the average person. If we hold back on getting gentle movement back then that would slow me down in recovery. Everyday  I would do the physio which sometimes made me look like a belly dancer. I’ve Sharika hips now, maybe another avenue of work if I can’t get more sponsors this year 🙂

I would do the shadowboxing drills sent to me and now suddenly I was actually begining to do them physically. The pain was still with me but less everyday and I was noticing my fight body was coming back from eating clean and of course taking my Elite Dr.Dave’s Supplements which have made my body steel inside on every operation recovery.

Last Friday I went for my post op check up with my surgeon and his physio tested me up and down, guess what every step I took in the 8 weeks has paid off. I’m well ahead on recovery and I got given an upgrade in physio exercises.  Every time I’ve had to have a major surgery  I’ve always had one feeling after. I wake up in the recovery room in the Hospital’ it’s an exciting feeling of rebirth to me and the last time I had that feeling I came back and won five fights in a row. I’m not done yet because I still desire glory. Keep with me Alpha Force because I’m believing again.