What!!!! Burnout, no way not me.
Yes me, as Peter Walsh, my physio found out while doing my Tri-Lodgics breathing system.
Is the machine broken that reads it?? No I am.
Ok, you are all asking what is Tri – Lodgics, well it was created by Peter over the last few years, as he is one of the best Free Divers in Ireland, he knows exactly how to get the most of every breath, this is key or his dive will go very wrong. It’s the same for fighters as we need to control our breathing in the fight.
He has always over the years come up with many new ideas to make my MMA training revolutionary and this breathing could be the winning factor for me. Want to know more?
The idea behind it is taking in little amounts of oxygen and using it to its fullest potential. The trick is to make your diaphargm inflate but without lifting the ribs. As babies we all breathe correctly but over years of bad posture and stress we mess the natural flow up. Taking big breaths in without using the oxygen efficiently.
Me, bad posture?? Never! Me stressed out? Never.
Yeah right, I’m guilty on all those charges over the years.

The next question, what can I do? I was supposed to fight in Battlezone and trust me, I don’t pull out of fights. Peter said to take a week off. If I kept going the way I was, I’d be out for a few months.
Alarm bells went off and he was right, because I had felt so tired in my training for weeks. I was getting killed by people I’d normally handle in sparring. My injuries were hurting and I kept getting colds. My weight cut wasn’t working. I came out of his office and drove back in the car and I just cried. I let it all out.
I was wrecked mentally, it had been a long two years back to the cage.
Peter said I was to do my breathing exercises, twice a day for a week and actually go have some fun. I did both things and a week later, when I returned I had changed completely.
My breathing readings were off the charts and I was smiling again. My variable heart rate was jumping up and down on the graph and he gave me the all clear to return to training. Now before I train every session my warm up is breathing, it seems to give me high levels of concentration and focus. Now that’s the perfect mental package for any sports athlete.
As you’ve all seen from this clever approach the reward has come to me in victory within the cage. Peter Walsh is not just a physio but another invaluable corner man to me. I know and never doubt how good he is, as he kept my neck going for 8 years before I had a clue of the damage in it.
A huge thank to him as he makes me achieve my goals with ease and a smile.
Go try the system yourselves my Alpha followers.