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Lightsabre Fun!

My Fighter Blog For Fight Hounds

Another way of unleashing my opinions on the world!

Fight Hounds kindly asked me to write a Fighter Blog for them and made the mistake of saying I could talk about anything I wanted. 🙂

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My Interview With Cork FM Part 3

I talk about my time as an intergalactic bounty hunter. I was going to hire my old buddies to take out Enda Kenny, but they said they'd do it for free!

The final part of my interview with Stephen Purcell from Cork FM.
We discuss who I look up to in female MMA, Lucia Rijker, how my family view my career, preparing students for fights, coming back from injury, training with the Fantastic Four, Peter Irving, Rosi Sexton, Tim Murphy and Dermot McGrath.

Working with my Physio Peter Walsh,(a man ahead of his time).

What’s next for the Alpha Female, getting to the next level and my BodyPower Fitness DVDS.

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