Valour can never be beaten

Well I’ve been having it good, surfing down winners highway but slam here comes the wave. It’s a big one and nothing I can do but try and find a way to the top again.

I’m writing this blog as I fly home to Ireland with a very heavy heart. Damn… What happened ?

This fight week in Vegas has been an education in how and what is required when you fight on the Worlds Stage for Invicta FC.

I was pretty sure I’d be returning a winner because if I didn’t believe I could win what was the point in even showing up.

I spent all week between cutting weight and doing media while living pretty much in an hotel room. Keeping it all in toe and staying strong in my mind. My friend Veronica helped so very much with that, she kept me smiling.

Dermot kept my thoughts on the plan. I spent the night after weight ins staying up and watching all my recordings on training strategies for the fight. Meeting Dermot on fight morning and watching more. I was focused and I knew how much was on the line in this. My debut would be ace! Nope! It wasn’t and all the work we put in vanished in seconds out of my hands.

The cut was excellent to the point that first time ever I was eating an apple and drinking a little water the day of weigh-ins. That never happens! Giulliano had done a great job and again a great mind advantage for the fight.
Warm up was great with Dermot and Ryan Shultz, not one bit hard. I felt so sharp and fast.
I noticed how as I warmed up other fighters returned carrying either smiles or tears. That reminded me again of what a dangerous costly game we play of emotion.

Keeping my mind strong still, my music hits, the Invicta Banner lights up my entrance and I’m ready to do what I said I would. Stepping closer to the truth of the moment and never once running from it.

Mind and my heart hearing the cheers of the crowd. I wanting to give them everything and it didn’t happen. I owe so much to the people of Ireland and my family but especially Dermot who put just as much into this for the last 18 years.

The fight is still a flash moment and always hard to explain to outsiders but it feels like you see things coming but it’s slow motion yet you can’t react fast enough to stop it.

Getting hit hard and smashed to the point were I know my face will not look good at the airport next morning never makes me give up. I try never to break to pain! I just know I’ll fix the moment but this I couldn’t.

Choke snapped in before I can stop it. Deep and what do I do? go out cold or try to keep my body from suffering any long time affect. I choose to fight another day and trust me it killed me to tap. Killed Me!!!!!

Truly that is something I’m never going to forget but I also must not let it control me as a fighter. Things will have to be let go off and I know many great fighters have had this same feeling. Serious, no one knows the mentality that’s needed to get to the moment of either a victory or defeat.

My only regret is I didn’t get to see my fans and friends who came after the fight or spend much time with my cousin after. I hadn’t seen him since my wedding. I don’t think he had a clue what was going on and it truly sucked to lose with him at it.

Thing is how much did I really lose? Has this stopped me in still wanting to go back to my gym to train and teach ? Hell No!

All the messages last night from parents showed me how much I need to teach my ninjas. I need to show them how being a fighter doesn’t always mean winning. A fighter has Valour to start with and to finish with always. No one can take that from you.
Yes I’ll have sad moments and probably tears because I’m still human and very much so this week. I’ll also stuff my face with comfort food. I’ve an Easter Egg kept with my name on it. 😊 Landed! Ok time to go pick up Oscar my little happy Paws.

Weigh-in done with the pup