8 week Chaos Challenge to keep the hardcore body!

This is me two days before the surgery. I made sure to make my body as strong as possible to help me get through the surgery!

What to do with my time after neck fusion ?

Everyone keeps saying get or do another activity. To be honest the only important thing to me is returning to the cage in the fastest time and in the best physical and mental fight shape.

People say you’ll be back . 8 weeks will fly. 5 months will be a piece of cake. No it doesn’t right now the days are longer, dragging me down. Killing my motivation, robbing me of my self belief.

It feels like I’m retired, right now after this neck fusion. I’ve been out of the cage since last July. This Β is pure pain inside somedays.

I’ve worked so hard in the last few years to become the best in what and who I am. I’m a fighter plain and simple. Being a fighter brings incredible challenges that I don’t just like to achieve. I want to smash through them!

Question? What happens when you love something so much but can’t do it?

Does the desire go?

Never! Not for me.

How do I keep believing I’ll return.

My answer is this Chaos Challenge.

Over the next 6 weeks remaining I’ll keep eating superclean and I will do unique visualisation and muscle activation exercises. I hope at the end of this challenge it will serve the purpose to keep me in the game and still be close to the fight shape I was in. I’ll be putting up some cool video blogs about my training over these weeks. Keep on this page Alpha’s !!

Somedays over the last two weeks I’ve had bad depression and I don’t want to be like that for the next six weeks.

That’s not how I roll and I believe this challenge is the closest thing I have to making it feel like I’m getting ready for a fight. Inside I’m battling the negative Catherine and I’m going to whoop her ass and that’s the bottom line cause I said so! HaHa always wanted to use that yeah πŸ™‚

Also, all the suggestions ( learn a new language, watch tv or learn chess) from peolpe are welcomed but with my neck I can only do little activity for very short periods of time because of the pain when I hold my head in one position. It’s important that I get this rehab right I’ve got to be careful.

People are so kind saying I’ll get through this but they are not here experiencing this. I have to find the solution to it on my own.

It’s exactly like when I step into the cage, I’m in the fight, no one else.

Again I love the support and I’m grateful so please keep it up, it helps so much.

One day last week I felt so bad but on Facebook a person close said a comment, that made me think about the challenge and never giving in. Thank you my dear friend πŸ™‚

I’m really at peace now that I’ve come up with this answer and I’ll keep everyone updated on it. I know I’ll still be in smoking shape in six weeks because I’m a fighter again and it feels good inside. That’s all you need to succeed in being happy. Selfworth.

Remember this is two weeks with no exercise, not one ab crunch. Just walking and mental activation.

One more thing, a huge thank you to my constant who is always with me, Dermot and someone else who’s kept me laughing though this. Thanks Fearless!

Couldn’t do without you two! πŸ™‚

Starting a new journey with a smile πŸ™‚


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