Dr.Dave, My Santa!

My First Sponsor – And The Most Important- Dr Dave!

As a fighter in this MMA combative sport your body takes a beating and not just for those 15 minutes in the cage. It’s all the weeks leading up to it where the damage is done.

Everyday you want to give it 100%, even more so because you just don’t know what your opponent might be doing. When the cage door closes on that night there must be no doubts.

So to give an unstoppable performance a fighter needs the fuel. Every athlete wants endless energy and a sharp mind. The days in the gym when I’m training and I feel this are brilliant. No one can stop me on those days. I’m the champion at 48kgs.

The last few months I’ve been feeling this a lot. Why, because of Dr.Dave’s Best.

Two months ago I searched for sponsors. I was looking for the nutritional ones as I spend so much money every month on supplements. I really mean a lot. 🙂

When Dr Dave agreed to be my sponsor I was so happy and honoured as I’m his first mixed martial artist. He understands what I want to do and where I want to be in the next few years, No 1. So no better way to get to this than with the No1 pharmaceutical supplements.

I waited for my first delivery a bit like a kid waiting for Santa. I love getting new things in the post, especially to do with martial arts. Two massive boxes filled with Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, Amino Acids, Beta Alanine, Telomere Edge Packs and protein powder arrived. I couldn’t believe how much he sent. Unbelievable kindness from this wonderful man, my Santa.

I had been using supplements from Holland and Barrett which are quite good, but once I changed over to the Dr Dave product the difference was incredible.

It felt easier to get up in the morning, waking excited for the day’s training. I love my telomere packs and fish oil at breakfast with green tea, porridge and flaxseed. This is superhero fuel.

At warp speed thanks to Dr Dave!

Then I always bring with me CoQ10, l carnitine and fish oil which I take just half an hour before training. Also I find this combination better than any preworkout drink on the market. I’m kicked into 5th gear pretty fast. After my workout I’ll have one or two scoops of Dr Dave’s protein in natural yoghurt. This is so important to make me heal and recover at an immortal’s rate.

Later at dinner more fish oils. If I have a second training session that night I’ll repeat my preworkout routine. Before at night I used to find my brain was tired after maybe teaching five classes in a row. I’d usually drink an energy drink but my workouts were sometimes still laboured by my slow mind and body. But with Dr Dave’s Best I’m ready for a second workout and I can train harder that I did that morning.

So at night then to wind down the body and mind I have  Telomere Edge Night Pack, l carnitine, CoQ10 and fish oils. I’m sleeping better too.

I’ve never suffered much from spots but Dr Dave’s best is keeping my skin fresh, clean and young. I can see it when looking in the mirror in the morning. Usually I wake up with Sonic the Hedgehog hair and the same energy and speed. People always get my age wrong thanks to the antiaging properties of Dr Dave’s supplements which I have been using for years before he sponsored me.

Oh, I’m not telling my age either, Alpha Female Followers, you’ll have to wonder. 😉

When I return to the cage Dr Dave’s Best’s logo will be proudly displayed on my fight posters. If I never get another sponsor it wouldn’t bother me, I’ve got Dr Dave and he’s simply the best. 🙂

Big Thank you to Dr Dave for believing in me. I won’t let you down.

You’re supplements are VIP grade!