Another Step Forward!

Awesome day of training today! Another step forward. 5 rounds of Thai pads. 5 rounds of light kickboxing sparring! 🙂


Tyre Flippin’, Ass Kickin’…well soon anyway!

Getting close to this again! Can’t wait 🙂

Lady Justice

Lady Justice, the Roman Goddess is most often depicted with a set of scales typically suspended from her right hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. She is also often seen carrying a double-edged sword in her left hand, symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice, which may be wielded either for or against any party. How hard could it be!

So the Alpha Female got the facebook message she never expected, to be a judge! Of what cooking or fashion, definitely not sowing, absolutely useless at that 🙂

No, the MMA Boxing Clinic  Amateur Fight Night 2 in Cork last weekend.

First off, I was very happy to be asked by Stewart but was a bit fearful that I wouldn’t do a good job. But as usual my faithful sidekick Dermot told me “I was well qualified in the fight business”.

For men some of these guys are good fighters!

I then started to see it as another challenge that I should push myself to do and represent the ladies.I have only seen over the years a handful of female judges in Ireland MMA scene.So no choice then to Cork I go with  the new David Guetta CD in the car to get me in the mood. I really love the last track Titanium!

It was also a great way of being around my love MMA as I have been out with my injury for the last 3 months and watching these fights was a great way of reminding me to keep doing rehab so I have  that wonderful feeling back again, the fighters heart and mind.

Man did that feeling return the minute I got to the event.

So first things first, talk to ref Neil Hall one of Cage Warriors finest, who explained what to look for. He sat us down and pulled out the manual on why leg kicks don’t win fights, only kidding! 🙂

No it was witten by Marc Goddard and it was a very clear system on what to score in the fight. It was a relief for me because most of it was what I would score. I take this role very seriously because I’m judged when in cage and I have seen bad calls that have dishearten  fighters. I know they are working hard inside the cage so I must do the same for them.

So to  the best seat in the house I go. I could see the crowd were, I  think , surprised to see a female judge, I did my Naomi Cambell walk to show them I meant business and I’m tougher than judge judy :). Well in my head that’s what I think it looked like..ha..ha.

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The next weird thing was hearing my name called out now, normally I’m getting ready to kick the hell out of some poor soul in the cage. Catherine Costigan offical, really I still can’t believe it but I like it.

Game on first fighter up, his music hits, man now I’m really into this. I start head bopping a bit but with control as I don’t want to get kicked out:). I loved the first fight,  one fighter landed a big shot at the start that shook the room and the other fighter but again this is why mma is brillant as other guy came back to win.

So I had a scary bit now, my first score card to hand up to head judge Wayne Fagan and score keeper Dermot Mc Grath. Was so worried I made the wrong call but I was bang on.Yipee!

That to me was like the first round of a fight once its done and went well your set for a good time.  Now the second fight but this finishes with a tap. I’m really annoyed now, I want to judge, is it to much to ask for a 3 round war!

A good few fights go this way, but I have a feeling before who’s going to win and who will cave under pressure. I see it in their faces before the start, young faces trying to hide nerves and fear. But only experience and time make the face of steel. Another thing I hate is when guy gets hit clearly doesn’t know how to handle it and goes for the Hail Mary takedown and I want to shout hips in, back straight, drive through the fighter, head tight but I must stay quite.

Even though he just signed his death warrant. I know I’m quite hard on myself and my fighters, but I will never accept not drilling my weaknesses or my fighters. If I lose because of this then  I screwed myself and that I never accept. That is why I train with the best because they won’t let me away with it.

I see the coaches looking on, hoping that they have given their fighters enough tools in the bag to get out of any situation. I’ve offen been in that position and it’s a great job if your fighter is listening and securing the win but when no matter how hard you shout the fighter is not responsive or is a deer in headlights, that let me tell you sucks. I did hear a couple of times from the corner “listen to what I’m saying,finish this fight” and they are shaking the cage hard with their hands to almost wake the fighter up and let them know it’s not just the fighters rep on the line but the coaches as well.

We as fighters must never forget this, we must have pride for our club and coach. That to me is what is important in MMA and I always remember it.

I must say coaches should get way more  fanfare to be honest they are as good if not better than the victorius fighter because they came up with the plan and reflected it in our brains. I love my coaches, couldn’t live without them, they are my oxygen. They give me confidence, which is one strong shield in the cage.

Anyway that’s my rant over now. I really was sad to leave the table at the end of the night but now have a greater understand of MMA and I hope to keep my judging education up. Thanks again to Stewart who during the evening shouted to me “we’re all up for womens mma in cork”, great to know I have his and the Cork peoples support.

As Dave Keane, a fine Cork man would say Booooooooommm!!!

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My Radio Interview With Cork FM Part 2

In which I discuss my dishonourable discharge from the Space Marine Academy!

We talk about modelling the training and tactics of elite fighters.
How when you fight you face yourself.
Having the first Ladies MMA match in Germany with Vanessa Reinsch and my wrestling coach Tim Murphy scoffing Gummi Bears. Also what goes through a fighter’s mind backstage before the fight and what the Alpha Female nickname means to me.


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Peter Irving MMA Seminar

10th Legion European Champion Peter Irving

10th Legion European Champion Peter Irving and Fighter’s Only Columnist comes to Pankration Kickboxing for a MMA seminar on Saturday 19th November.
Peter is one of the most respected fighters in Europe, a BJJ Black Belt under world champion Leo Negao, highly skilled in Muay Thai and Fighter’s Only magazine’s resident techniques expert. You can see his articles and techniques in every issue.
Pankration Kickboxing Academy
Eastway Business Park, BallySimon Road, Limerick
Date Saturday 19th November
Time 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM
Cost €50
Contact Dermot on 086 3122933 . Numbers will be limited to 25 so book early to avoid disappointment.
“I’ve been training with Peter in Urban Kings for the last year. Every time I go over he shows me another level of MMA which I’m finding I can utilise in my fights. Peter is a great strategist who shows me the most simple answers to the most complex problems. If I had to describe him in one word I’d say Samurai.” Catherine Costigan

The Alpha Female Looks For Supremacy Part 2

The View Through The Wire!

So weigh in over.
I definitely got some funny stares at Fitness First where we weighed in.
Now time for food.
I keep going over the plan in my head. Even though there are wonderful shops around Norwich this is not a sex in the city moment.:)
I must keep my eye on the prize.
My hand being raised is much better than a new pair of boots.

When we arrived at the venue, The Talk, it’s always interesting when we walk in. The boys always stare at us and I have the feeling I will only be accepted by them after I justify myself in the cage.

I could see Iman sitting down with her coach. As a fighter I always try to do one thing before the clash.
I show respect.
So I always go up and shake their hand and wish them good luck with a big smile. Iman was a bit surprised but then I am always happy to go to the dance.

Again you must remember she goes through the same 8 weeks of killer training and being pushed to the very edge of the cliff. Now of course I always hope I am the one with the parachute.

The gameplan I worked out Dermot, Tim, Rosi and Peter was to simply out wrestle her.
We knew she would be very strong(and also way younger than me, you never know what these young ones are going to do:))
We went into back area to wram up. It was pretty small but it would do.

I bought the ticket to the emotion train.

No matter what happens in the fight the only thing I can never accept is my failure to execute my plan because I didn’t bring out my potential in the fight.

First I feel nerves as I hear the screams of the crowd when the fights outside begin.
To be honest I have always found anything that scares me in life I must defeat.
No matter what the outcome I must try.
I must challenge or else what is the point of my life.

Dermot gets me warmed up with shadowboxing which I must say felt great. I feel like someone has given me lots of drugs like I was in Crank.

Then I begin smashing pads really hard in a dark corner just behind the stage which is kinda cool, but not so much for Dermot if I miss.
I throw some bone crushing punches and kicks.
Then Murphy rolling, hitting shoots and the ground and pound which he is famous for. Man, can he hurt you if you’re on the bottom,pulling guard on him is not a great idea!
I love smashing things and going really fast which is why Tim’s style of fighting suits me really well.
I think that I could never do this without Dermot and Tim. They inspire me, they make me unbreakable. They take care of me and they always have my back.

Now it’s time to go.
My drums start over the sound system.
The crowd waits for me.
I always make them wait to build the atmosphere, get them excited about what’s going to entertain them.
I enter the cage with my hand raised because I know I’m no 1.
This might sound cocky but it’s not the time to doubt myself.
Iman comes into the cage pretty pumped up, jumping up and down. I can see she wants to win badly.

It's funny. I always know how much my coaches care when I see them outside the cage, they look so worried!

We touch gloves.

I start pretty good. Dermot shouts out "Watch for a big right". So I keep my distance and land a 1-2 combo and a low kick.

After that it’s a bit of a blur.
Clinching, constant pressure for takedowns.
Iman is strong but not 100% able to change her plan of attack.
As in the words of Sexton, “Don’t be afraid to bin it!”

I land a big knee in the clinch which makes her cry out in pain. I score a good takedown.

She tries a nice armbar from the guard but I defend it and rain down some hammerfists on her face.

Her face is really funny. I keep on hitting her but she’s stubborn and won’t let go of the arm. I can’t believe I didn’t see the armbar coming but when you’re under pressure you miss things. So I stay calm and let her waste her energy.

Round 2
Where ever she goes I must make a dead end for her attacks.
Keep moving. Judges watching.

High crotch to the skies. Dermot tells me later it’s the first time he’s seen a high crotch pick up and carry across the cage in a women’s match.
On the way down she tries to guillotine choke me. The big gloves we are wearing give me problems. My windpipe is safe but it takes time to pop my head out. All I’m thinking is my poor coaches, because they can’t really see whether it’s on or not.”
To be honest, coaches need way more credit. I’d rather be a fighter anyday than suffering all the constant cardiac arrests. 🙂

I land another big knee from north south control and finish the fight on top.

At the end the MC announces that it was a very technical battle which is a great compliment.
And now the pay off.

And the winner is... The Alpha Female! Catherine Costigan!

Fighter happy. Coaches happy. Crowd entertained.
Job done.

I always love getting changed in the bathroom afterwards and meeting some of the most interesting women. I always love the same question. Oh my God, how do you stick to your diet?
But I do enjoy these conversations as the girls are really supportive and appreciative of my effort. And I have to say I want their respect more than any man’s. I do it for them.
Girls rule! Boys drool!

Now off to DFC in Norwich, the best chicken and chips ever.

Myself and Iman are now good friends and I look forward to training with her in the future. MMA is a great thing, imagine how many wars could be averted by a good old MMA tournament.

MMA brings out the very best in human spirit because that’s what it takes to survive and win in the cage.

It’s over. Now on to hip surgery 😦

Can everybody please friend Stuart Chase on FaceBook and tell him to get my DVD done. Please Alpha Female Followers play your part!
Myself and Iman will be very happy. 🙂

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