Tyre Flippin’, Ass Kickin’…well soon anyway!

Getting close to this again! Can’t wait 🙂


Alpha Female Circuit Training and DVD Sale!

I’m getting a lot of interest in personal training these days. One of my best clients Kate was kind enough to give me this testimonial.

“I met Catherine a couple of years ago when I signed my eldest son up for mixed martial arts classes which she was teaching. I found her sessions the most exciting and interesting to watch, but it was her extraordinary teaching style and a very friendly personality which made the biggest impression on me, so after having two more kids, I’ve decided to try out training with Catherine and I am proud to admit that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my fitness, health and body tone.

I don’t have any extra weight and my goal is to build lean muscle, tone up and lose that post pregnancy belly flab, which is the most difficult, but possible with the right exercises, encouragement and the right trainer like Catherine, who seems to know all the secrets to those “dream abs”.

Kate and me after a killer session.

Catherine has been my personal trainer for the last 6 weeks. Our sessions include a mixture of heavy weights, circuit routines, cardiovascular and general fitness training. What I love the most about our sessions is that on top of a great variety of exercises we do, Catherine manages to surprise me each time introducing new and very unique exercises, which makes our routine challenging, but both productive and enjoyable. She is also easy to get on with and has a fantastic sense of humour.

Catherine is a very positive ,extremely driven individual with great energy and right “can do” and “winning attitude. Her extensive knowledge, creativity, ability to keep you motivated and help you to push yourself to the level where you can get the results you always wanted, makes her a true professional and a highly recommended personal trainer.” -Kate Ryan

The tag line on my website is
If you want to look like a Champion…
Train like One!

It’s that championship attitude that will get you through the tough workouts and diet and fitness goals.
It’s not about time or money, you will reach your goals if you have the right mindset and put the work in you will find a way to succeed.

I’m having a sale on my fitness DVDs at my website at the moment. You will get a deal on the price and you will get your ass in christmas party dress shape with 10-15 minute home workouts.

It’s the next best thing to personals with me. Don’t wait til January to start the so called resolution.

With the special offer of buy one get one half price how can you deny yourself this early christmas present?:)

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, you’re taking the first step on the Alpha Female Highway to Sexytown (LOL).


The Alpha Female Looks For Supremacy Part 2

The View Through The Wire!

So weigh in over.
I definitely got some funny stares at Fitness First where we weighed in.
Now time for food.
I keep going over the plan in my head. Even though there are wonderful shops around Norwich this is not a sex in the city moment.:)
I must keep my eye on the prize.
My hand being raised is much better than a new pair of boots.

When we arrived at the venue, The Talk, it’s always interesting when we walk in. The boys always stare at us and I have the feeling I will only be accepted by them after I justify myself in the cage.

I could see Iman sitting down with her coach. As a fighter I always try to do one thing before the clash.
I show respect.
So I always go up and shake their hand and wish them good luck with a big smile. Iman was a bit surprised but then I am always happy to go to the dance.

Again you must remember she goes through the same 8 weeks of killer training and being pushed to the very edge of the cliff. Now of course I always hope I am the one with the parachute.

The gameplan I worked out Dermot, Tim, Rosi and Peter was to simply out wrestle her.
We knew she would be very strong(and also way younger than me, you never know what these young ones are going to do:))
We went into back area to wram up. It was pretty small but it would do.

I bought the ticket to the emotion train.

No matter what happens in the fight the only thing I can never accept is my failure to execute my plan because I didn’t bring out my potential in the fight.

First I feel nerves as I hear the screams of the crowd when the fights outside begin.
To be honest I have always found anything that scares me in life I must defeat.
No matter what the outcome I must try.
I must challenge or else what is the point of my life.

Dermot gets me warmed up with shadowboxing which I must say felt great. I feel like someone has given me lots of drugs like I was in Crank.

Then I begin smashing pads really hard in a dark corner just behind the stage which is kinda cool, but not so much for Dermot if I miss.
I throw some bone crushing punches and kicks.
Then Murphy rolling, hitting shoots and the ground and pound which he is famous for. Man, can he hurt you if you’re on the bottom,pulling guard on him is not a great idea!
I love smashing things and going really fast which is why Tim’s style of fighting suits me really well.
I think that I could never do this without Dermot and Tim. They inspire me, they make me unbreakable. They take care of me and they always have my back.

Now it’s time to go.
My drums start over the sound system.
The crowd waits for me.
I always make them wait to build the atmosphere, get them excited about what’s going to entertain them.
I enter the cage with my hand raised because I know I’m no 1.
This might sound cocky but it’s not the time to doubt myself.
Iman comes into the cage pretty pumped up, jumping up and down. I can see she wants to win badly.

It's funny. I always know how much my coaches care when I see them outside the cage, they look so worried!

We touch gloves.

I start pretty good. Dermot shouts out "Watch for a big right". So I keep my distance and land a 1-2 combo and a low kick.

After that it’s a bit of a blur.
Clinching, constant pressure for takedowns.
Iman is strong but not 100% able to change her plan of attack.
As in the words of Sexton, “Don’t be afraid to bin it!”

I land a big knee in the clinch which makes her cry out in pain. I score a good takedown.

She tries a nice armbar from the guard but I defend it and rain down some hammerfists on her face.

Her face is really funny. I keep on hitting her but she’s stubborn and won’t let go of the arm. I can’t believe I didn’t see the armbar coming but when you’re under pressure you miss things. So I stay calm and let her waste her energy.

Round 2
Where ever she goes I must make a dead end for her attacks.
Keep moving. Judges watching.

High crotch to the skies. Dermot tells me later it’s the first time he’s seen a high crotch pick up and carry across the cage in a women’s match.
On the way down she tries to guillotine choke me. The big gloves we are wearing give me problems. My windpipe is safe but it takes time to pop my head out. All I’m thinking is my poor coaches, because they can’t really see whether it’s on or not.”
To be honest, coaches need way more credit. I’d rather be a fighter anyday than suffering all the constant cardiac arrests. 🙂

I land another big knee from north south control and finish the fight on top.

At the end the MC announces that it was a very technical battle which is a great compliment.
And now the pay off.

And the winner is... The Alpha Female! Catherine Costigan!

Fighter happy. Coaches happy. Crowd entertained.
Job done.

I always love getting changed in the bathroom afterwards and meeting some of the most interesting women. I always love the same question. Oh my God, how do you stick to your diet?
But I do enjoy these conversations as the girls are really supportive and appreciative of my effort. And I have to say I want their respect more than any man’s. I do it for them.
Girls rule! Boys drool!

Now off to DFC in Norwich, the best chicken and chips ever.

Myself and Iman are now good friends and I look forward to training with her in the future. MMA is a great thing, imagine how many wars could be averted by a good old MMA tournament.

MMA brings out the very best in human spirit because that’s what it takes to survive and win in the cage.

It’s over. Now on to hip surgery 😦

Can everybody please friend Stuart Chase on FaceBook and tell him to get my DVD done. Please Alpha Female Followers play your part!
Myself and Iman will be very happy. 🙂

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The Alpha Female Looks For Supremacy Part 1

What you dream about when you diet for too long!

Apologies for not having written a blog in so long. Between my hip surgery and moving the gym and a number of other things it’s been hard to find the time to sit down and do it.

So my Alpha Female Followers, here we go.

I was invited to fight on July 2nd at the ECFF Supremacy Show in Norwich. My opponent was the very tough Iman Darabi from Sweden.

My hip surgery for the tendon tear was booked in for July 18th and I was determined to get one last match in first!

This would be my second time fighting in the UK. My First was a K1 match with Becky Usher in Sheffield last year. That one started very well for me but stopped due to a cut after 40 seconds when we clashed heads in the clinch.

A lot of travelling, dieting, the worst B and B ever and the promoter being late picking us up  so we missed the flight home and having the flu made it an experience I wasn’t keen to repeat.

I watched Iman on YouTube and saw she was big for the weight, very strong and short. Heavy punches and aggressive. I saw some technical points I might be able to exploit and worked on my game plan diligently with my coaches.

What followed was the toughest training camp I’ve had so far. The one way ticket to hell. The return flight to be decided by the result of the fight.

Squaring off with Tim Murphy. Time to tame the Mad Dog.

Lot’s of Tim Murphy double legging me, squishing me into the Point Blank Cage, (possibly the hardest fencing in the world) and saying come on, push the pace while landing migraine inducing punches on my forehead from whatever funky position he liked this week.

Lot’s of pads, technique and conditioning with Dermot, doing his best impression of Rene from Allo, Allo. (You stupid woman..) and being my human punch bag and grappling dummy. I’m the only person he puts on his Twins Headguard for , so I know I’m getting somewhere with my power shots 🙂

Rosi Sexton came over to train with me showing me some great conditioning drills and chain wrestling drills that became one of my keys to victory during the match.

With Peter Irving at Urban Kings in London.

I flew to London to train with Peter Irving from Fighter’s Only.He analysed the match up too and showed me some great techniques to use and did some awesome thai pads with me. He’s a Samurai and that’s it.

I would just like to say I went the whole way to London and did not have one Ben’s cookie. (Alpha Female Tip: Make sure you go Covent Garden and get the best cookies in the world.)

Joanne, my buddy and sparring partner coming in and battling me in the cage night after night. Longest lasting of all the women who have come through the gym doors. She’s a true friend and trusted member of our coaching team. with perfect straightened hair at all times. 😉 No matter what a girl’s image is important.

I look forward to her getting her Black belt this year.

Little did I know I was about to get a chest infection which put me out of training for a week. When I went to see my doctor I asked her how long should I rest and that I’d already taken a whole day off training.
Her face was a picture as she told me at least two weeks to get rid of it.
So I kind of followed her advice and wheezed my way through the next two weeks 🙂

This was my best weight cut ever, thanks to the grappler’s s nutrition guide which I must have read cover to cover so many times. I was really able to maintain my strength and not feel week and drained. I felt really healthy and it’s definitely the best diet ever for your skin looking great. 🙂

But as it was getting closer to fight day it was getting harder and harder and eventually I was dreaming of Mars Bars. No matter what I did I was stuck at 51kgs which was beginning to make me WORRY!
My routine every day was stepping on the scales before each meal to have an idea of how much I could eat now.
After a whole week without dropping anything on the scales, Dermot, the man I can always rely on to get results, looked at everything and talked to his friend,  Roy and came back with the BEST ADVICE EVER, HAVE A CHEAT DAY!!

It so worked, I had an awesome cheat day and was lighter the next day!! 🙂

And was much happier and easier to live with. I guess my metabolism had just slowed down too much.

So the last training day I was at 49 kgs and was spitting nails!

Hungry but Shredded 😉

One of the most important things I’ve learned is this…

In a fight you don’t just face your opponent, you face yourself.

War approaches.

Everything I could possibly do to ensure victory was done. Nothing left but waiting.

Time to become The Alpha Female…

To be continued

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Sandbag Conditioning for MMA and Fitness Video

You want to Be the best…Train with the Best!

Rosi and me

We had Rosi over for another awesome seminar on the 2nd. Rosi covered striking to takedowns and ground and pound against the cage wall. It was really good info with great technique demonstrated by the no 1 125er. All our students were inspired and motivated by the day.Thanks to Tim for giving his support and being her crash test dummy for the day (giving me a break!).I spent the sunday training and sparring with her. I love training with Rosi because she gives me everything and holds nothing back. Such a world class fighter to work with always raises my game. Showed me some really sweet new ninja tactics. I knew on Sunday morning it was going to be a good training session as she bust my lip open with the foam swords. It was game on then! Note to self, do not offer her chocalate fudge biscuits night before training as she has an interesting way of burning off the calories. 🙂

I lost a kilo over the weekend despite all the food and ice cream we had after we finished on sunday. It’s the Rosi S Plan. Squashes the fat right out of you.

And it’s always nice to see a woman in charge. Gaurantees things will get done ;0)

Battered but happy 🙂

You can see all the pics from the weekend on my Facebook page here

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Be the Best!


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SuperFoods For Peak Performance And Fat Burning 4

White Dragon Open

My fouth superfood is the preworkout supplement.

These can be great for giving you an energy boost before training and providing your body with the right ingredients to build muscle and burn fat.

I like to use NO Shotgun from VPX. I like the taste( which is very important if you’re drinking it a lot) and and the great thing about it is it’s also a protein drink. Most preworkout drinks are carbs only but I have no problem getting enough carbs and I suspect most people don’t. It gives you a nice pump in the muscles great for training on cold mornings, but not enough to cramp you up when you’re wrestling. And it’s a fat burner! 🙂

I find most protein drinks unpalatble but I’ve finally found one I like. And I can see a complete change in my physique over the last 18 months which is when I finally started on them.

Like anything else you have to put in the time. It’s not enough to train or eat right for a few weeks. It’s got to be month in month out. A habit like brushing your teeth.

A habit like checking out your shredded abs in the mirror every morning!

If you want to use them try a few out. You need one that you can take  regularly and you should feel and see a difference after a few weeks of starting. Try a  few brands and see which one suits you the best.

Multi time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates has a great fat fighting supplement called CRX cuts. What’s really good about this one is it doesn’t make you insomniac and you don’t feel dehydrated and tired the next day. It works on the parts of the brain that control addictive behaviour so if you smoke etc it might be the one for you!

With this I would do one or two days on and one day off and take week off every month so your body doesn’t become too accustomed to the effect. If this happens you are just wasting your money and probably over stressing your system.

All this is only of benefit if you are eating clean in the first place otherwise you are relying on psychological crutches. Change comes from within you.

Your Desire

Your Discipline

Your Dream


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