Alpha Female Personal Training Padwork WIth Kate

Smashing Pads In The Cage!

After only 6 weeks of training with me and wearing a weighted jacket Kate’s killing the thai pads!


Sandbag Conditioning for MMA and Fitness Video

How To Work The Heavy Bag


My Heavy Bag Training Paying Off! Irish Cup Kick Jutsu 2008

Stalk don’t walk. You gonna work the big bag, first you got  to think of it as a man, not a bag. Once you understand that, you don’t start punchin until the bag swings away from you.

It’s dead weight, see? So if you hit it when it swings towards you, it knocks you back., smothers your punches, takes your balance- it don’t allow you full extension on your shots, no follow through. Joe Louis said you don’t punch your opponent , you punch through your opponent.

That’s it, rotate. That way your heads always moving and you  always have one shoulder back ready to fire a power shot- so youdon’t have to do something before you do something,say if you got an openin’. Don’t stop, move with the bag, circle it. it will tell you when to punch, just like an opponent.

That’s an excerpt from million dollar baby where Hilary Swank did a great job of portraying a fighter, and Clint Eastwood did an evern better job of portraying Dermot’s father, a role he returned to in Gran Turismo!

One of my pet hates is seeing bad bag work on Tv, especially by women. I was watching the new series of V and female FBI agent is watching the priest work out on the bag and asks for a go, saying I have 3 brothers I can punch etc.

I cringed, praying she’d be good.

No, dire!

The scene was only saved when some one else came in and remarked, “it’s like the Thornbirds in here. 🙂

Work the bag like the trainer describes above. Take your time and get good technique and leverage, keep your hands up. Dermot was teaching the beginners class bagwork last night and of course they dropped the free hand with almost every punch no matter how often they were told.

Then he performed a miracle. He told them every time I see one of you drop your hands you get 10 pushups.

And Lo, instantly perfect hands up was achieved. That one always works. 🙂

One of my favourite things is boxing, so every week I try to get at least 2 sessions in at least. We have some awesome Twins punch bags in the gym which are handmade in Thailand and they are the best to develop the quality of your punch to KO power. The bags shouldn’t be so hard you have too hold bag or to light to give sufficient resistance to your shot.

You can get some more ideas from my video here…


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