The words within this photo I still truly believe in and I hope soon enough I’ll make the crowd stand again for me. I turned 38 last month, and I’m still hunting the highs in life. My passion for being a fighter is stronger that ever. My hope is unbreakable because every day I find another part of myself to make better. Either it’s in my training or my teaching in my gym.

At 38 I’ve got a steady business and a deep passion within me. I love who I am and how I’ve actually changed. I’ve questioned myself over and over, no fearing the truth just charging straight at it. If anything I’ve freed myself and loved even stronger the fighter and woman I am.

On the fight career side of things, I’ve been close to getting fights but the shot keeps failing through on us. Yes I know people think 38 she’s old, should retire but I’m sorry I’ll never uttered those words because I’m a full time MMA coach as well. I’ve got to compete to become a better coach to understand the hurdles and mistakes and to pass on the correct knowledge to my students in Pankration.

Why should I stop? I’ve still got desire, passion and hope. How many of my alphaforce can say they are truly happy in ever part of their life, career and relationship. To me I think it’s stupid to ignore the unhappiness you have in life. We only get one.

Last month my mum who I thought was Superwoman got very sick and ended up in hospital. I’d visit her every day and see sick people all around me just looking like they had lost hope and happiness. It’s a very sad thing to witness but one I felt could have been changed if these people chased the dream of happiness. Not settling on just getting on with things.

I made sure every day to go see my mum and be as positive for her as possible, while making her laugh. I knew the best way she would recover would be to keep her hope strong. My mum went through two surgeries over two days and aced them. The nurses and doctors couldn’t believe how fast she recovered. Many more would just have sat around feeling sorry for themselves but my mum chopped through the challenge.

The best birthday present I got this year was taking her home from hospital and seeing her well again.

I’ve really begun to understand fighting isn’t always going to be in my life, that high I would get from it is pretty hard to match. Having a World Title is still so very much a dream of mine if it comes then I’ll take that shot.

If it doesn’t I know I’ve got the World Title of living a good and happy life. Think about getting your own Title in life alphaforce. I can’t wait for 2018 and again all the challenges I can conquer.


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