BAMMA must be a sellout.

It’s one of those nights before the fight, I can’t sleep because my mind is full of energy. Ideas and game plan running through my head. I’ve been thinking a lot of how my career is going and even after suffering a pretty awful loss my career is reaching another high.

I’m in such a great place and in about ten days I’ll debut for one of the biggest European promotions BAMMA. Not only that but I get to do it in the 3arena this is what fighters dream about and why we train everyday for that one opportunity. The one that will give us the big break we need.

Irish fighters must see how important and significant this is and it’s only one shot we have to convince BAMMA they made the right choice.

Last year when another very big cage promotion left the scene in Ireland many fighters ended up with no activity or if they did it was on small local shows for very little money. I was very lucky I had a new path with Invicta FC but I really felt for those fighters.

For years before WMMA exploded in the UFC I searched the world looking for opponents and getting excited when I thought I had one. I’d get straight into camp hoping the girl would be up for it or was my weight or was even a pro fighter. I trained very hard to just suddenly be told we can’t get you anyone. Often pure excitement quickly turned to sadness.

If you are a fighter then it’s a simple thing you are only ever happy when you are active in your division. One fight a year doesn’t cut it !

Now some don’t understand why I push the media so hard, it’s because I want BAMMA to sell out! I want Ashley the boss to say we are returning and even if I’m never on another card.
I want all talented up and coming fighters to have a chance to chase their dreams and also pay some bills, have a bit left over for a good night out 😉

I know the quality of fighters that are lined up for this card on the 19th. I know they will deliver great performances and some have a huge chance of becoming stars with this World Class promotion. I’ve loved MMA my whole life and all I ever want to see is hard working fighters having somewhere they can grow.

I was speaking with one such fighter the other day after my training. I’d never seen him so excited to have gotten the chance to fight on BAMMA. He’s smile told the whole story and that made me very happy inside.

This is his shot for the big time. I’ve watched him and judged him over the last few years at other small shows, seen his work ethic and what he gives in every performance, he deserves BAMMA no question about it.

It’s sometimes difficult for fighters to connect with the public. For me never, I treat them with respect and try as much as I can to share my journey with them.
I love sending a fan a signed pic and receiving back a message with a big smile attached.
I know I’ve made them happy and that always comes back to me in my ever growing Alpha Force. Either through the support on social media or purchase of a ticket my alpha force takes care of me.

High level fighters mixed in with dedicated fans makes for a sellout formula.

BAMMA will be a sellout and I’m going to make sure they return. We have way to many talented Irish fighters who need that one shot and BAMMA is the spring board of their dreams. Right that’s the Jerry Maguire rant over, I’m hoping in the morning I don’t regret this blog or my awesome manager will be on the phone letting me have it!

Again last thing BAMMA have given me unlimited tickets to sell if you want to come and be part of a moment, that you can say you witnessed my debut then go buy your ticket for my fight at I’ll have the tickets and a signed pic in the post before you can say Irish Takeover 😝

Myself and Alpha Pup posting more tickets, he’s great at licking stamps 😝


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