My Ninja Turtle Team

Fight Camp begins. 8 weeks feels like a dream, until boom I get smashed !! Now we had no fight footage on my opponent, but she had tons on me.

Does that make a difference? Not really as a lot of it was old footage of me. Trust me, when I say this if you want to be a champion you must evolve. I didn’t spend the two years on couch eating snickers. (sorry I’m on to food again can’t help it.. Lol).
Over the rehab I studied my footage of myself and my future opponents. Invicta Fc was just starting and it was great to see the 105 girls. I could see the level I’d have to achieve for my return. I trained my weakness more than my strengths
I just always prepare for the girl that’s unbreakable!!!
Dermot, my main coach always has my back, he does the hardest work I think. Making sure I get the right positive people to train with. He was incredible over the two years of putting up with my lack of patience and moods. He never gave up on me, kept me focused.
Now over my fight camp my only worry was Tim my other corner man was gone to Thailand for the two months. I was losing a part of my key to victory.

Then on a second thought it wasn’t that big a thing. I had Peter Irving and Rosi Sexton to be in my corner, they knew a thing or two about fighting.
We also found 48 kilo girls to train with me because a girl moves way different to a man. Smaller arms, harder to pummel in, get head control.
Believe me, it’s important to train with men, as they push you hard but sometimes they break you body wise. My body has broken enough over the last few years, time to train smart.

I sparred with Megan Maher, a top Irish Thai fighter who’s on her way to being a champion. She has some power and I can see why they call her The Pitbull!!

In London Peter got me Harriet Stone, she lived up to her name. She hit me with solid shots and never let me have it easy. Both girls were smart fighters, not just wild swingers but tactical. They had one other major requirement I always look for, they truly love what they do. I’ll only work with people who have passion. No negative people allowed in my gym near me.

I also started a Ladies only kickboxing class and from that found girls to start my own training team called Gladiatrix, these girls were little gems because they wanted to get better every night, to push me to the limit. They wanted to feel worthy to be in the training camp with me and that made them perfect. Great attitude to learning and showed up every class, no matter how much I broke them. Oooppps!!
These Ladies I’ve trained with over the camp are all my friends and people I admire. That’s one of the golden things about MMA it builds loyalty amongst us and it gave me a feeling I was never in this battle alone.




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