Desire is Bullet Proof

As the Rock says finally I have returned to the Cage. It’s been two years since I stepped inside the octagon, every minute of each day was spent mentally and physically preparing myself.


We had been searching for a opponent for some time, I remember having lots of girls pull out on me. I was ready to fight early in February but it’s hard finding my weight. It was beginning to tear me apart inside. I was getting very impatient 😦 Still when I’d get sad about it, I’d wake up next day with another plan of attack. Never letting go of my vision of walking back down the ramp to the cage. Then finally it came! We found someone who wanted to punch me in the face. (actually she did a great job of that when it came to the fight). I remember when I got the news, I was in the gym training with my friend Mag.

Dermot came over and told me it’s on, I jumped so high, hugged him and Mag for a long time. Screamed a bit and ran around too. I was screaming YES!!! Like Diego Sanchez does when he meets Jesus on a daily basis lmao. Then I pushed Mag on a prowler that killed all my energy, pretty fast but not my desire. Unfortunately I couldn’t tag Jesus in on that workout he was busy with other stuff.

Then the stages thing happened, the wtf am I doing??? Lol. I want this, am I crazy?? Just be a housewife and take the safe choice. Listen to what my family were saying, just retire. Listen to the normal joe that’s threaten by my happiness in achieving my dream.

Then next stage doubt slips up and you entertain it for a little time but as a fighter you know over the years you’ve become great at mastering it. Taking control of this ugly thing and turning it into a driving force. Fighters have to have drive and over the two years I was in hyper drive to get back.

As you all have read before I knew the Neck fusion would be hard but not impossible to recover from. I was determined to prove that, even more than wining the fight. Just to have people see me everyday not giving in.

Words can be powerful and over the two years hearing people say they were close to breaking but after seeing me they were inspired and kept going. Truly that pushed forward, I knew too many carried strong hope for my return. Can’t ever let them down. Date set June 29 ECFF !! Back to where the journey was put on hold ……. Norwich !! Now my heart finally beats again



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