SuperFoods For Peak Performance And Fat Burning 4

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My fouth superfood is the preworkout supplement.

These can be great for giving you an energy boost before training and providing your body with the right ingredients to build muscle and burn fat.

I like to use NO Shotgun from VPX. I like the taste( which is very important if you’re drinking it a lot) and and the great thing about it is it’s also a protein drink. Most preworkout drinks are carbs only but I have no problem getting enough carbs and I suspect most people don’t. It gives you a nice pump in the muscles great for training on cold mornings, but not enough to cramp you up when you’re wrestling. And it’s a fat burner! 🙂

I find most protein drinks unpalatble but I’ve finally found one I like. And I can see a complete change in my physique over the last 18 months which is when I finally started on them.

Like anything else you have to put in the time. It’s not enough to train or eat right for a few weeks. It’s got to be month in month out. A habit like brushing your teeth.

A habit like checking out your shredded abs in the mirror every morning!

If you want to use them try a few out. You need one that you can take  regularly and you should feel and see a difference after a few weeks of starting. Try a  few brands and see which one suits you the best.

Multi time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates has a great fat fighting supplement called CRX cuts. What’s really good about this one is it doesn’t make you insomniac and you don’t feel dehydrated and tired the next day. It works on the parts of the brain that control addictive behaviour so if you smoke etc it might be the one for you!

With this I would do one or two days on and one day off and take week off every month so your body doesn’t become too accustomed to the effect. If this happens you are just wasting your money and probably over stressing your system.

All this is only of benefit if you are eating clean in the first place otherwise you are relying on psychological crutches. Change comes from within you.

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