Hot Wheels of Steel Leg Workout


Always Warm Up!

Here it is at last.

The Hot Wheels Of Steel Leg Workout. This is the killer workout I do for great legs that never quit.

Legendary US wrestling coach Dan Gable used to say, “The legs fuel the will”. When I’m training and fighting I know if my legs give out I’m in for a very bad day. So I make sure they never do.

This workout will give you legs that not only look awesome but when you progress to advanced level whatever activity or sport you partake in will be so much easier and you’ll perform, feel and look incredibly better.

One of my students told me last week she had bought her first pair of size 12 jeans ever and she’s only been training for a month twice a week.!

Another went skiing on holidays and did better than all the guys with her that were complaining their legs couldn’t take it!

Our Pankration Fighters are known for superb physical condition and this workout is a cornerstone of that. (Although I don’t call it Hot Wheels Of Steel when I make the guys do it :)) So it’s great for cardio too.

Here’s the workout. I’m not saying it’s easy but after a few tries it’ll get easier and you will see results straight away. The more effort you put in the more results you’ll get!

 Beginner Level

20 Squats, Rest 15 seconds, 20 Lunges , Rest 15 seconds, 20 Jump Lunges , Rest 15 seconds, 10 Super Squats.

That’s one set done. Rest 1 minute do another set. Rest 1 minute do the third and final set. (Avoid walking down stairs the next day!)

Advanced Level

As beginner but no breaks between the exercises so it will be 20 Squats,20 Lunges, 20 Jump Lunges and 10 Super Squats with no rest!

Then rest 1 minute and repeat. Until you have 3-5 sets done!

You’re going to feel a huge pump in your legs and your lungs will cry out for mercy. When that happens you know you’re doing it right ;).

A good schedule would be to do the Hot Wheels of Steel workout two days a week or if you really can’t wait (and why wait?) three days a week will bring awesome results.

If you are completing an advanced set in under 90 seconds WITH GOOD TECHNIQUE you are awesome!

Rewatch the video to make sure you have the right depth and height on all the exercises, especially the jumps. Good technique and constant progression, that’s your key to victory!


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