SuperFoods for Peak Performance and Fat Burning 3


Just Hanging Out.

I was at my friends Hen party and we were sitting in the pub talking. My friend owns a number of beauty salons so the group I was sitting with were all beauticians.

I don’t remember how it came up. I think we were talking about skin care products and I mentioned I took a product called Super Wrinkle Guard.

There were 6 girls in the group. 4 of them immediately fell quiet. The other two hadn’t heard what I said and kept on talking. The manager of the beauty salon stood up and put her hands out.

“Will ye shut up!”

That was loud enough to actually silence half the pub. She stared over at me.

“What did you say”….

Super Wrinkle Guard is a great supplement you can get from www.DrDave’ If you’re interested you can check it out there.

It does tie in with today’s superfood as he also does pharmaceutical grade fish oil and it’s fish oil I want to talk about today.

You can get them from any health store but quality counts and Dr Dave’s fish oil is the best.

I get kicked, punched and have people hanging onto to my head wrestling everday so my skin takes some abuse!

One of the best things I do for it is take around 6  capsules of fish oil every day. I spread them out over the day and would not go without them.

The benefits are increased fat burning , better skin, hair and nails. Increased mental performance.

The fish oil builds my armour against injury and sickness.When weight cutting or dieting it is absolutely essential you take it.

I’m nearly over my cold so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some videos and treating you guys to some cool workouts.


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