Twist And Shred Your Abs Workout

Me and my partner in crime Danielle!

I’ve come down with a really bad cold so i haven’t been able to shoot the wheels of steel video yet. It’s my first cold all winter which I’m kind of happy with. Usually teaching for hours in a very cold warehouse gym I get lots of colds every winter.

They really knock your training back. I put down only getting  one this year to taking echinacea every day. It’s made a huge difference. When you’re an athlete training at a high level you’re much more susceptible to colds than the average person so it’s even more important to take every precaution.

Today I’m going to show you how to twist and shred your abs. This exercise, sit up and punch is especially good for the obliques and “love handles”. 🙂

I did the pics for this exercise  a few years ago. It’s the basis of all my ab workouts.

I love working my abs. It’s one of my favourite parts of training. And I’ve developed many new exercises to hit them in different ways, to keep the muscles guessing and to keep my mind fresh.

If you kep doing the same workout again and again after a certain point your mind can go stale and it’s hard to get really intense into the workout. Also your body won’t respond as well to the work. So it’s good to slightly change things up now an then.

But this is an exercise I keep coming back too because it’s so very effective.

Sit up and punch 1

You can see my partner Danielle holding the pads at just the right height so when I punch my body is leaning back at 45 degrees. I have my feet between her knees to anchor them.

That’s very important. If I come up all the way it’s too easy!

I start lying on my back sit up and twist my shoulders firing a left punch, a right punch and then back down to the floor again. That’s one rep.

Repeat it with right punch then left punch etc.

Sit up and punch 2

Make sure to breathe out on every punch and exagerate the twist of my shoulders to get the most benefit.

You’ll do this for two minutes non stop trying to get speed and power in very rep. For the last fifteen seconds to really crucify the abs stay up there and keep on punching without coming done. That’ll finish you off nicely 🙂

If you’re a beginner one minute is very good. But keep pushing the envelope ( that’s the alpha female way!)

If you have no partner you can easily do it by yourself and it’ll still shred your abs.

Twist and Shred!


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