SuperFoods for Peak Performance and Fat Burning 2

Dressed To Kill

This one I’ve found to be a sanity saver.

Especially at night time when you can get the very worst cravings. I find when I’m teaching at night or out somewhere sticking to my diet is pretty easy. Because my mind is occupied and not thinking about food.

But if you’re sitting around the house you’re in trouble!

So here’s my next SuperFood, Mixed Nuts (ta-dah) 🙂

Mixed Nuts are great for satiating (I think thats a real word) your hunger and having something good to snack on between meals as well. They really do taste nice as well. After a while you get addicted to them.

They’re good for losing weight because they have a lot of fiber and healthy fats so they boost your fat burning metabolism.

When I was cutting to 48 kgs for the fight in Berlin I must have gone through so many bags. I remember getting up at 2 am to make the flight and arriving in Berlin in the afternoon totally empty and being greeted by all these incredible bakery shops in the station.

I used to be a fresh food consultant for big supermarkets so I know my apple turnovers. German bakers know their stuff! That was just torture going past all that on my weigh to weight ins.

I did stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home on sunday but I only bought a 4 pack as I didn’t want to look like a pig in front of Tim, my wrestling coach. 😦

If any one ever brings a Dunkin Donuts franchise to Ireland I’m there! 🙂

Just to clarify Dunkin Donuts are NOT a SuperFood.

So mixed nuts are a very valuable addition to your diet. Remember it’s not about denying yourself, but about adding the right ingredients to your peak performing, fat burning, smoking hot body!

Watch out for my next post where I’ll show you a video workout called

 Wheels of Steel Leg Workout .

Best Catherine

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