My Kickboxing and Wrestling Highlight Reel


This is a fun little highlight of some of my old matches. Can’t believe how long my hair was! I kind of miss it sometimes but don’t miss people kneeling on it when we’re rolling or getting it caught in velcro off gloves.

My favourite bit is where I catch UFC fighter Marcus Davis’ kick in sparring and throw him on the floor! I did tell him I wouldn’t put it up, but he kicked me so hard my liver hurt for a week. (no lie). When I felt his first punch I was thinking OMG why did I ask to spar him. It’s like someone’s throwing a wall at me 😦

I really thought about saying forget it.

He wasn’t trying to hurt me or anything. He’s just that strong.

I was glad I did it when it was over as I learned lot. You’re only as good as the people you train with.

He did a seminar for us at Pankration Kickboxing and was kind enough to give a personal session before hand and held pads for me and really helped my technique. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever done.

I wasn’t sure about the Le Tigre song TKO Dermot put over it but when I saw the whole thing I loved it.

Sorry about putting you on it Marcus, but women are vengeful 🙂



  1. Absolutely awesome Catherine, and congrats again on yoru pro debut. keep up the hard work girl 😉

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