New Year New Legs Workout

I managed to finish my fight in Berlin in only two minutes. My opponent Vanessa was excellent and I spoke to her afterwards and she’s one of the nicest, coolest women I’ve met. But that’s the fight game. Sometimes you get caught quick. It happens to the best of us.

I’d trained to set a hard pace and push the action for 15 minutes though so when it was over and I got home I didn’t feel too banged up.
I wanted to take a break from long trips to a freezing gym in the snow so I eased up on my mixed martial arts and focused on my strength training and did some good runs and hill sprints in the forest.

And I ate, and ate some more, and some more …
It was Christmas after all .

I made 48 kgs for Berlin. That’s my lowest weight ever. A lot of dieting and going to bed hungry on that one.
Chocalate and coke only on trips to cinema. I suddenly had to see a lot of movies. ( I loved Angelina Jolie in The Tourist. My favourite bit is where she comes out dressed in the most amazing outfit for dinner and all a totally stunned Jonny Depp can say is F—!)

As a result of all this eating (mmm bread at night!) and strength training my legs put on a lot of size. I wanted more powerful legs  anyway but this was ridiculous!

I actually started getting a bit sick from eating too much bad food as well. When you’ve eaten really clean for so long ( I think I did about 6 weeks) the junk food can taste weird and unsatisfying. I think we build up a tolerance to it like you build up a tolerance to toxins and poisons. I also broke three knives trying to divide vienetta ice cream and now have to shop for new cutlery!

I’m back eating clean now and feel much better and my calves will go into my jeans without a fight again

So here’s an idea of what I do for super strong, very shapely and not at all massive legs.

I go on nice a 12 minute run in the forest wearing a very stylish Reebok weighted jacket. The weighted jacket makes it more challenging, especially on the sprints.

It’s 12 minutes because that’s how long the path is!

Then we  get to the hill and begin the real fun.

5 minutes of sprinting up and jogging down. Trying to get up and down 8 times in the time.
Then we rest for a minute and do it again.

Some day that’s enough. As a change sometimes we’ll sprint up and walk down so we can really go all out on the sprints.

You get the whole workout done in 25 minutes, get some fresh air and nice scenery and don’t have to run on tarmac so no shin splints!

It’s a great workout as you get cardio and the sprints really burn fat  and release growth hormone and loads of other cool stuff. And it gives you awesome legs.

In future blogs I’ll go though more workouts and eating tips including superfoods.

Once again it’s the intensity of the work that brings results!


New Year New Legs!



  1. So true about going back to the ‘less healthy food’, it just does not feel the same after eating well mode…
    Looking forward to the eating tips!

    • Just goes to show what abuse the body can tolerate. For a certain period of time anyway!

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